PPC jobs: agency or client side?

With global digital ad spend predicted to exceed $500B by 2023 there’s no doubt that digital marketing skills are in high demand and companies are competing to attract the best talent. 

When starting their career in PPC most people join a digital marketing agency as opposed to working in house, so in this blog post we’ll explore some of the advantages and disadvantages of working agency side.

Advantages of working agency side:

Learning and training opportunities

Being in constant contact with Google and Facebook you'll have access to a wide range of training sessions and learning resources. In house specialists might struggle to stay up to date with the latest advancements in the industry

Working on multiple accounts 

Most of the time you'll work on multiple accounts from various verticals gaining invaluable experience. No two days look the same so you won’t get bored

Exposure to other channels

Working alongside other departments such as SEO or content you can easily expand your skill set and branch out. This is going to be very useful if you want to move into a more general digital marketing role in house. This is unlikely to happen if the departments inside the agency are working in silos.

Fun environment

Considering that most of the people working in agencies are very young, there’s no surprise that socialising is a big part of the agency life. Agency offices are very vibrant and energetic and there are always loads of things going on: learning lunches, table tennis competitions, Friday beers (sometimes Monday beers as well) and a lot more….

Disadvantages of working agency side

Working hours

Given the nature of the business and the fact that they have to work on multiple clients sometimes from different time zones, agency people usually work considerably more hours. If you’re in a client side PPC role your workload is steady and predictable and you will be working 9-5, extra work not being required unless you have a deadline or a call with someone from a different timezone.

Fast-paced environment

The pace of work in an agency is usually a lot faster and people are expected to juggle with multiple projects at the same time, so if you like a steady and predictable work pace maybe an in house role would be more suitable.


Agency salaries are lower than in house and that difference becomes larger if you take into account the extra hours that you have to put in on a regular basis.On the other hand, agencies compensate lower salaries with fast routes for progression and with a lot of benefits and discount schemes.

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